Global Front-end Modular market is expected to reach100.5 million USD by 2022

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Previously, each and every component of the FEM was assembled by OEMs on the assembly line; this was time-consuming and extended the production process of the vehicle. However, the advent of modularization has enabled OEMs to save on these costs and opt for outsourcing these functions. OEMs save around 20 to 30% of costs through modularization, in comparison with the traditional front-end methods.


The Global FEM market is estimated to be 10050 M USD in 2022 form 4810 M USD in 2012, Front End Module (FEM) activity declining in Europe while growing in North America and other regions.


The Light Vehicle Front End Modules industry is highly concentrated, the top three manufactures accounting for more than 30% in Europe, and have a rapid growth to North America, Asia and other regions.


In wrod wide, major manufactures are HBPO Group, Magna, Flex-N-Gate Corporation, Valeo, DENSO, Calsonic Kansei, Hyundai Mobis, SL Corporation, Yinlun and etc.


The report segments the FEM market on the basis of component (radiator, condenser, core support, headlight, front grill, bumpers, fenders, crash management system and others), and major region (North America, Europe, China, Japan, Korea, India).


All manufactures in the world are committed to the improvement of product. Most technologies are developed by the manufacturers instead of importing from other companies.


The import and export business of this industry is not frequent. The main reason lies in that many international manufacturers expand their business through building factories or investments in targeted markets. Also, many major players have built up plants in developing countries, like China and India.

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