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Japan High Class KVM Switches Market Captured 12% of Global Revenue Market Share

Author: QYResearch | Publish date: 2018-07-12 | Views: 68
KVM switches are hardware devices that allow IT personnel to use a single keyboard, video monitor, and mouse (KVM) to control more than one computer at a time. High class KVM switches possess high density, high resolutions, high ports numbers and multi users on operation at the same time, and widely applied in large multinational corporations or large organizations. Not every KVM with 32 ports and above is high end. It could not only provide with multiple ports but is highly reliable or lets you access computers over a huge distance. For broadcast application, video throughput, high resolution and no latency is critical. Many renowned institutions across vertical sectors, including Broadcast, Post Production, Banking, Healthcare, Maritime, Air Traffic Control and Government rely on high class KVM solutions. This report studies the High Class KVM market. In general, high end devices are high price products and more a nice market.


The global revenue of High Class KVM Switches market was valued at $130.6 million in 2016. USA took the largest global revenue share in High Class KVM Switches market. Japan also played an important role, and captured 12% of global revenue market share in 2016. In terms of volume, the total consumption volume of High Class KVM Switches was 1,807 units in 2016, and it was expected to reach 1,918 units by the end of 2017.

Key vendors analysed in this market research are

·       Avocent (Emerson)

·       Raritan (Legrand)

·       Rose Electronics

·       Ihse GmbH

·       G&D

High Class KVM Switches market is highly concentrated in Japan. Top 5 player captured above 90% revenue market share. Avocent (Emerson) dominated with 56.51% percent revenue share, followed by Raritan (Legrand).

High Class KVM Market, by Type:

·       Analog High Class KVM Switches

·       Digital High Class KVM Switches

Amongst the key type segments, Digital High Class KVM Switches accounted for the leading share in the market in 2017 and is projected to dominate the market over the estimated period. This sector is likely to rise at a CAGR of 3.67% from 2017 to 2022.

High Class KVM Market, by End User

·       Broadcast Stations

·       Aviation Controls Industry

·       Automation Industrial Application Process Control

·       Control Room

The largest application of High Class KVM Switches is in the Control Room, accounted for 50.65%, followed by Automation Industrial Application Process Control with 17.88%, Broadcast Stations with 16.25% and Aviation Controls Industry with 15.22%. 

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