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  • Global Textile Acoustic Panel Market is Expected to 1,924 Million USD by 2022


The major players in global Textile Acoustic Panel market include Armstrong, Saint-Gobain, G&S Acoustics, RPG, Abstracta, Texaa, Acoustics First®, Vicoustic, Ekous, CMS Danskin, Acousticpearls, Sonata Acoustic, Acoustical Surfaces, Primex, Carpet Concept, Sontext, Soundsorba, Slalom, Gotessons, Beiyang, Forgreener Acoustics, Same, Mantex Acoustic Material.

Textile acoustic panels are installed on the wall or ceilings to absorb sound. When choosing the fabric wrapped the acoustic panels, many factors must be put into consideration, such as transparency, functionality, aesthetics and so on. Moreover, transparency is the most important considerable factor. For textile acoustic panels manufacturers, some of them can produce fabric themselves, others usually purchase from the professional fabric manufacturers. Textile acoustic panels are usually installed on the wall or ceilings to absorb sound. Many buildings, such as schools, theaters, meeting rooms and so on have benefited from the product and avoid noise pollution.

China, USA and Europe are the major production bases of textile acoustic panels. The three regions hold about 70% textile acoustic panels’ supply globally.

As more and more higher requirements on comfort and noise control, market participants are optimistic on the textile acoustic panel future market. It is estimated that global textile acoustic panels market will keep increasing in the coming years. Also, with intensified competition in the industry, textile acoustic panel manufacturers will keep to supply novel textile acoustic panel pattern with lower prices.

Market Segment Applications, can be divided into

·        Residential Buildings

·        Commercial Buildings

Market Segment by Type, covers

·        Ceiling Type

·        Wall Type

·        Other

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