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Global Anti-Static Film Market is expected to reach 311 million USD by 2024

Author: QYResearch  |   Published Date: 2018-07-11   |   Views: 89


Anti-static Film has lower technology barrier and is labor-intensive industry. Currently, there are many producing companies in the world Anti-static Film industry.

The Anti-static Film are mainly used in electronic industry, Industrial Industry, pharmaceutical industry, Food Industry and others Report data showed that 60.11% of the Anti-static Film market demand in electronic industry, 8.98% % in Industrial Industry, and 12.80% in pharmaceutical industry in 2017. With the development of economy, these industries will need more Anti-static Film. So, Anti-static Film have a huge market potential in the future.

We tend to believe this industry is a rising industry, and the consumption increasing degree will show a smooth growth curve. And the sales price presents a downward trend according to the economy development status.

Global Competitive landscape and key vendors

·        Achilles

·        Wiman

·        Blueridge Films

·        Syfan

·        Mitsubishi Polyester Film

·        Toray

·        Unitika

·        SEKISUI Chemical GmbH

·        Saint-Gobain

·        Toyobo

·        Techno Stat Industry

·        SKC

·        Ester



·        HIMORE

·        CKK

·        Cixin

·        Feisite

·        Ruixianda

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