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The key players are Daifuku, SSI SCHAEFER, KION Group (Dematic), Vanderlande, BEUMER, Siemens, Intelligrated, Fives Intralogistics, Murata Machinery, TGW Group, Interroll, Mitsubishi Electric Corp, Shanxi Oriental Material Handing, Potevio, Equinox, Okura and so on.

Sortation System is the machinery that according to the preset computer instruction to sorting of goods and delivering the goods to the specified location. Sortation System is similar to conveyors but typically having higher capacity and can divert containers more quickly. Typically used to distribute high volumes of small cartons to a large set of locations, automated sortation systems offer a highly accurate and efficient means of sorting, routing, consolidating, and diverting a wide range of parcel types to unique destinations for the purposes of order selection, processing, packaging, palletizing, storing, and shipping.

Smart IT systems have prompted an expansion in responsiveness and allowed retail distribution centers to significantly reduce inventory by receiving and dispatching goods just-in-time. Some retailers are expected to handle about 90% of their goods in this way. Manufacturers of many fast moving consumer goods are opting for sortation systems to handle cartonized products as they come off the production line to reduce handling steps. Sortation systems help in reducing cost per case with faster delivery, reducing the inventory in distribution centers.

The global Sortation System is segmented on the basis of type, application, and region. The type segment sub-segmented into linear and loop sortation. Among these, Loop Sortation System is the fastest growing market during the forecast period. Loop sortation systems which is also known as circle sorters are configured with tight radius curves to maximize space. It typically comprised of series of cells linked together on a track. Products are inducted onto these cells manually or automatically along with conveyor systems. Once the cell and associated inventory arrive at a divert location, the divert mechanism on the loop sortation system is actuated, sending the inventory to the associated location.

The global Sortation System market is growing due to increase in shipping accuracy & efficiency with sortation system. Automated sortation system is a revolution in mechanical industry. It is designed to sort number of consumer products such as packaged food & beverages, post & parcels, medicines, textiles and others, thereby deliver the packaged products on time. It is generally used for small size products and mainly installed in industries like food & beverage, pharmaceutical, retail, and healthcare. Automated sortation system reduces the time of operations or simulation of raw materials. In a high-volume distribution environment, there is a need of high speed packaging systems determined by the sortation equipment which often determines production speed. These systems are more reliable due to the automation, time consistency, and constant high speed. It is possible to sort high capacity products in automated sortation system with consistency and high speed. However, high installation cost, high maintenance cost are expected to hinder the market of automated sortation system.

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