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Global Copper Heat Sink Market is projected to exhibit a CAGR of 3.70% between 2017 and 2025

Author: QYResearch | Publish date: 2018-06-01 | Views: 55
While heatsinks made from aluminum are quite efficient in a variety of applications, there are circumstances in which the use of copper heatsinks is necessary due to the greater level of thermal conductivity one can achieve with it. In fact, copper conducts two times the amount of thermal energy as aluminum, making it an extremely desirable substance for heatsink production. Copper is able to be refined as a heatsink, put through die-casting and even bound together in the form of plates. However, there are certain downsides this metal, including it being more expensive, heavier and less malleable than the aluminum heatsink alternative. Furthermore, the production of extruded heatsinks is not possible with copper.


According to the report, global revenue for Copper Heat Sink market was valued at $ 1.21 billion in 2017, and is expected to generate revenue of $ 1.62 billion by end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of 3.70 % between 2017 and 2025.

In this study, the market for the Copper Heat Sink consumption divided into nine geographic regions. QYResearch analysts estimate that China is to lead the global market for Copper Heat Sink during the forecast period, due to the rapid growth of the demand market in China. This region accounts for a market share of nearly 43.9 % in 2017 and is followed by the North America and Europe.

Key vendors analysed in this market research are

·       Delta

·       TE Connectivity

·       Aavid Thermalloy

·       DAU

·       CUI

·       Advanced Thermal Solutions

·       Radian

·       Akasa

·       Thermalright

This industry is highly fragmented. It is characterized by several large international suppliers and many smaller suppliers. Delta is the dominant worldwide supplier of Copper Heat Sink, there are many small manufacturers in the world. Of the major players of the Copper Heat Sink market, Delta maintained its first place in the ranking in 2017. Delta accounted for 6.008% of the Global Copper Heat Sink revenue market share in 2017. Other players accounted for 2.959 % and 2.522 % including TE Connectivity and Aavid Thermalloy. The other major players in this report including DAU, CUI, Advanced Thermal Solutions, Radian, Akasa and Thermalright.

Growth Drivers: Copper Heat Sink

1. LED Lighting is the major driver factors

LED lighting industry growth rate is very high, maintained at more than 10%. For some of the more powerful LED lighting products, companies will choose to replace the aluminum heat sink with a copper heat sink, because the heat dissipation effect is good, slow down the aging life of the lamp. At present, the penetration rate of copper heat sink in the field of LED lighting is still very low. If the company's requirements for cost are not so stringent and the cooling effect is mainly considered, it is expected that there will be some improvement in the future.

2. Industrial PCs & Servers

Some industrial equipment and server industries also have great demand for copper heat sink. Industrial control equipment is mainly used in industrial automation, medical, military, aviation and other fields. With the country's attention and the government's investment, these markets have a very good future development. This will play a positive role in promoting the growth of copper heat sink.

3. Automotive is another key application in this market. According to our investigation, there is about 15% of copper heat sink used in the automobile industry.

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