Global Capsaicin Market is forecasted to reach 8.9 Million USD by 2024

Author: QYResearch  |   Published Date: 2018-06-01   |   Views: 288


The major players in global Capsaicin market include Yunnan Honglv, Tianjin Shennong, Henan Bis-biotech, Great Forest Biomedical, Synthite Industries, Chenguang Biotech Group, Naturite Agro Products, Paparika Oleo's, AOS Products, Alps Pharmaceutical.


Capsaicin is mainly extracted from chili peppers. Due to its primary analgesic properties, the product is widely consumed in the medicine industry.


Globally, the production of capsaicin concentrates in China and India. The two regions contribute about 96% production share each year.


Presently, the market of capsaicin is small, but capsaicin manufacturers are actively expanding their business and exploring more potential for the product. The market is estimated to keep fast growth in the coming few years.

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