Global Automatic Tire Inflation System Market is projected to exhibit a CAGR of 9.25% between 2017 and 2024

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On the basis of type, the automatic tire inflation system market is segmented into tractors, trucks, trailers, and others. The trucks segment is expected to account for the larger share of the global market in 2017.

End-users, included in this market are military, commercial, agriculture usage. The military application account for the largest share of the global market in 2017.

Currently, North America automatic tire inflation system market spearheaded by the U.S accounts for majority of the share in terms of market revenue followed by Western Europe. Increasing adoption of heavy vehicles including trailer and trucks is expected to significantly boost the revenue sales of the market after 2018. Owing to the increasing fleet size, the emerging transport and mining industry, in Asia Pacific, the automatic tire inflation system market is expected to represent relatively higher revenue opportunities during the forecast period.

The evolving requirements of the automobile market is shifting the focus of manufacturers towards improving off road characteristics of different types of vehicles. Specially catering to the commercial vehicle segment such as trailers and trucks, manufacturers are refining fuel economy by regulating tire pressure to adjust on different terrains and support dynamic cargo loads.  Automatic tire inflation systems aid in monitoring and adjusting the pressurized air inside the tire while the vehicle is moving.

The system allows modulating tire pressure to suit different needs; a relatively lower pressure tire allows better traction and easier manoeuvrability on smoother terrains. The automatic tire inflation system also prevents under inflation of the tire, which causes excessive wear & tear and involves high maintenance cost. Automatic tire inflation system uses vehicle’s own air brake compressor to supply air to all the tires. The pressure is set at pre-selected tire pressure depending upon the driving surface and environmental conditions, such as in case of an inconsistency between vehicle speed and pressure, the monitoring circuit notifies the driver about the anomaly and automatically adjust minor air loss or pressure in the tire. 

The utilization of automatic tire inflation system drastically reduces the physical labor of checking tire pressure manually and time required for maintenance. The commercial adoption of automatic tire inflation system for trailers and trucks has been relatively new. The integration of automatic tire inflation system for military application is now in the mainstream, moreover, automatic tire inflation systems are also increasingly used in mining and agriculture sectors.

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