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QYResearch organizational   structure and contact list




Simon Lee

Executive Vice President and General Manager   Research Director

Tan Xiaohu

Vice President Director of Catalogue &   Products

Yang Junping

Head of Shijiazhuang Office

Chen Zhu

Head of Changsha Office

Song Bin

Head of Guangzhou office

Lin Laisheng

Head of Shenzhen office

Huang Jie

Head of the Indian office


Head of the Los Angeles office


North American Marketing Leader


Head of GCU, Global Advisory Alliance

Chen Ligang Leon

G L M person in charge

Lin Qing

SEO Marketing Leader


Product Executive Product Manager

Yang Bo

Product Department Supervisor

Zhang Xiong

Product Planning Leader

Chen Sirui

Chief expert of product department

Wang Yulai

Minister of the election department


Head of corporate internal training

Wang Wei

Director of the Chemical Research Center

Lu Xing

Director of Materials Research Center

Lu Jing

Director of the Metal Research Center

Cao Liuying

Director of the Industry Chain Research   Center

Yang Min

Director of Chemical Technology Research   Center

Han Wei

Director of equipment research center

Wu Pan

Director of Consumer Software Research Center

Zhang Jie

Director of Automotive Research Center

Zhang Ning

Director of the financial research center

Niu tong tong

Director of the Electronic Research Center

Qin Wei

Director of semiconductor research center

Yuan Jingrong

Director of the Medical Research Center

Zhang Xiao

Director of Medical Device Research Center

Zheng Xinghui

Director of the Integrated Research Center

Huang Jie

Strategic Planning Responsible Person

Fang Tianxiang

Head of Tokyo office

Tang Xin

Head of Seoul Office


HR leader


Minister of image propaganda

Zhang Jie

Email Marketing Manager

Wu Hao

financial manager

Liang Junyi

Executive front desk person

Peng Yanfang

Pre-sales data confirmation person in charge

Song Bin





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