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QYResearch, a global segmentation research company located in Los Angeles, USA, recently set up an office in Yunnan, China in Kunming, focusing on providing localized research and business services for customers in Yunnan and Guizhou.

QYResearch has focused on market segment research for 15 years. In the United States, China, Japan, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Brazil, Russia, Singapore, etc.; more than 30 offices have been established in major countries and regions around the world. Provide market segment survey data and research report services for more than 65,000 leading companies around the world.

As of October 2022, QYResearch has a team of 12,000 front-line engineers, experts and consultants, more than 100 million enterprise subdivision information databases, more than 300 commercial databases, more than 2,000 industry associations, as well as governments, customs, and business associations of various countries. database. In addition, QYResearch has a consulting platform, a questionnaire survey platform, a trading platform, a headhunting service platform, and an investment platform. These platforms with different functions also support each other in research work. This enables a lot of segmented data to be mutually corroborated and confirmed from different angles, different dimensions, and different supply relationships. It can provide customers with data confirmation services from as many as 30 different angles. This dimensional and multi-angle confirmation system is QYResearch's first and patented research system. This research system has gained a lot of praise and long-term cooperation from customers.

In addition to in-depth cultivation of data reliability and accuracy. The biggest feature of QYResearch is that it focuses on providing subdivided product data collection and surveys that the National Bureau of Statistics, customs, associations and other organizations do not even count. Many products are very thin. For example, release film for MLCC, DBC and AMB substrates, LTCC, HTCC, boehmite, BOPP tape master roll, BOPP tape film and other very subdivided products. Institutional statistics are almost non-existent globally. And QYResearch is dedicated to the investigation and statistics of these products. And through QYResearch's global data verification and collection system, a large number of databases and databases of subdivided products have been collected. Become a long-term partner of a large number of leading companies with subdivided products. Almost all of the world's top 500, 2000 and TOP5 companies in various industries are almost long-term customers of QYResearch.

Due to the limited capacity of QYResearch. There are still a large number of industries or products to be developed that are still in a blank position in the market. QYResearch in order to better meet the needs of customers. Large-scale expansion and network layout are carried out every year. Strive to provide customers with more reliable, accurate, real-time and professional business data services. The Kunming Research Center undertakes research tasks in the Yunnan-Guizhou region, researching innovation and commercial customer service. At the same time, it is also a fulcrum of the QYResearch global research network. Better serve customers in China and around the world. All QYResearch reports are available in different languages ​​(Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Korean, Russian) to facilitate customers to use their own local language and communicate.

According to the introduction of Liu Mingwu and Chen Sirui, the heads of QYResearch Chengdu Research Center. QYResearch always adheres to the service concept of customer first and exceeding expectations. Provide customers with a large number of first-line, in-depth, professional and accurate business investigation services. Kunming is a city with great development potential. It is also the center of Yunnan-Guizhou region. In order to better serve customers and support customers in the first time. The establishment of the Kunming Research Center is required by customers, and it is also required by a high-quality research network. As customer service becomes more segmented and real-time. QYResearch will also establish more domestic and foreign branches. Really serve customers all over the world and in various industries.

Ms. Grace, Human Resources Director of QYResearch also said that QYResearch is a young and dynamic company. In the past 15 years. QYResearch always insists on providing customers with services that exceed expectations. Pursue details and perfection in internal business management and social responsibility. It is this concept that makes QYResearch more and more recognized and trusted by the market. At the same time, more attention will be paid to the detailed research. Create the most respected brand by customers in global segmental surveys.

Customer representatives from QYResearch in Kunming and Yunnan-Guizhou also sent congratulatory messages. We welcome QYResearch to establish Kunming Center. At the same time, it is more convenient to communicate with QYResearch analysts and researchers more online and offline. Contribute to a better win-win situation.

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