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In November 2022, the Zhengzhou office of QYResearch, the world's leading consulting company, was formally established, focusing on providing global research and data services for customers in the Central Plains. This move marks the accelerated advancement of QYResearch's strategic layout. Key cities have broken ground, continued to cultivate, broken geographical barriers, and continuously narrowed the distance with customers.

QYResearch has been focusing on subdivided data market research for 15 years, and has established more than 30 offices in the United States, China, Japan, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Brazil, Russia, Singapore, Egypt and other major countries and regions in the world, serving more than 65,000 people worldwide. A leading company provides market segment survey data and research report services. After more than 15 years of continuous precipitation, QYResearch has grown into a well-known global leader in subdivided industry surveys; the reason why it has always been in an unshakable professional advantage in the industry, with business in more than 160 countries around the world, and more than 30 countries around the world countries have regular marketing partners.

Founded in 2007, QYResearch is headquartered in Los Angeles, USA and Beijing, China. Provide professional market research reports for enterprises in the research fields of chemical materials, electronic semiconductors, automobiles and transportation, equipment and consumables, machinery and equipment, consumer goods, agriculture, energy and electricity, construction, food and beverage, network and communications, software and business services, etc. Market research report, feasibility study, IPO consultation, business plan and other services.

Taking "customer first" as the corporate value and customer satisfaction as our mission, we are committed to becoming the most respected consulting company in the world and continue to lead the way! The QYResearch team adheres to the values ​​of "customer first, teamwork, fun, simplicity and efficiency, integrity and positiveness, and pragmatism and conscientiousness", and takes "focusing on providing enterprises with segmented data analysis" as their mission. Committed to "becoming the first brand of new consulting and research services in the world".

Jin Yuanhang, head of QYResearch Zhengzhou Office, is an industry analyst with many years of experience in the semiconductor industry. He said that QYResearch always adheres to the service concept of customer first and customer satisfaction. Provide customers with a large number of first-line, professional, in-depth and accurate segmented data analysis. Located in the hinterland of the Central Plains, Zhengzhou connects the east to the west, and connects the south to the north. It has unique geographical advantages and is a new first-tier city with great development potential. The establishment of the Zhengzhou office will provide customized services to customers according to their actual business needs, and provide fast optimization and high-quality service experience. Do a good job in data segmentation and real-time, and truly serve customers around the world and in various industries.

QYResearch Central Plains customer representatives also sent a congratulatory message. We welcome QYResearch to establish Zhengzhou office. At the same time, it is more convenient to communicate with QYResearch analysts and researchers more online and offline. Contribute to a better win-win situation.

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