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Aiphone is one of the leading manufacturers of intercom and security communication products. They have enabled a new multi app-compatible master station and an addition of a second door station through the introduction of a new system enhancements for its JO Series video intercom. Their intercom targeted towards small businesses and homeowners will also enhance the performance of existing Aiphone systems.

In order to enhance user security and convenience the new JOW-2D adaptor enables connection to any existing JO Series system through a second door station. Once a user answers a call, they can see and speak with visitors. After that the user can unlock the door with the slider button on the app or a touchscreen monitor.


The new JO-1MDW master station is hardwired to ensure which helps keep multiple staff of family members connected through the calls even during the internet is down or its speed is slow. Additionally, it can connect to eight applications on smartdevices at once through its 7-inch monitor.

The station have a new network adaptor or IPW-1VC which has been tastefully upgrades with existing 2-wire analogy intercom systems. This enables it to be featured with IX Series 2 IP video intercom solution. The compact design of the unit fits behind most door and substations adaptor saves resources and time by reusing existing wire.

Aiphone’s GT Series video intercom has a new door station and is designed to be use at multi-tenant facilities work specifically with 63-inch stainless-steel tower in Pedestal PRO’s low-profile. In building where direct mounting is not an option, pedestal combination of station gives an aesthetic way to add security. The GT Series features offers by station includes NFC programming.


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