Dormakaba Reveals Kaba 20 at IFSEC International Event

Published Date: 2019-06-12

Dormakaba, will attend Europe’s integrated security event i.e. IFSEC International that will take place at ExCel at London. This event will take place from 18-20 June. In EXIVO system, the company will showcase its new patented key system called Kaba 20. Consumers will able to see products within the Dormakaba’s padlock that will be tested live to LPCB/BRE standards.

Every year the event is attended by around 27,000 security professionals. IFSEC International is a platform to see the latest security technology to learn directly about the systems from renowned industry leaders across the world, as well as managers, distributors, network with security directors, and installers around the world.

Consumers at the company stand will learn more about its new product Kaba 20, long life patent protected master key system. Kaba 20 is a cylindrical design that includes up to 22 pins, which are radially arranged to provide a high degree of protection against surreptitious manipulation. The key is strictly controlled and the spare keys are only available from the factory with the help of pre-agreed authorization process. It gives the user complete guidance about the integrity locking system.

Dormakaba’s security locking director, Clive Baker said that the company develops its new product keeping in mind integrity and the safety of the consumers. As many as 150 years of experience, the company is proud to reveal the reliability of the security and safety solutions with a live test at the event and also discusses the queries that the customers have.

The Kaba's 20 new patent for keys and its functionality will be valid till 2033 and also the company’s EXIVO system, is a fully scalable, cost-effective solution to the SMEs, as it gives a complete solution to the security and access control system that is paid on the basis of the price-per door. The company’s padlocks also assure that they will provide maximum protection within the national infrastructure sectors of the U.K.

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